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TM 101 Prototyping & Low Volume Production

Macromelt Moulding bench-top moulding machine for low volume production
The new TM101 Moulding Station is designed to operate In conjunction with the OM100 Hand Gun, creating a simple and low cost moulding machine. The TM101 is intended for prototyping and low volume moulding production.

Operation of the station is safe and simple. The bottom part of the tool is fitted onto a sliding base, the top part of the tool is secured to a toggle action mechanism that closes the tool and locks it in position.


  • Hand operated
  • Mould station and OM100 gun sold as a unit or separately
  • Ideal upgrade for OM100 users
  • Quality anodized aluminium finish


TM101 with Optimel 100



Working Temperature

Max. 250ÂșC

Air Pressure

0,55 MPa / 5,0 bar

Injection Pressure

0,15 - 0,55 MPa / 1,5 - 5,5 bar

Power Supply

230 V / 50 Hz


350 W

Tank Volume

200 ccm

Workstation Weight

15 kg

Workstation Dimensions

W 700 mm

H 200 mm

D 510 mm

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