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OPTIMEL 100 Prototyping & Low Volume

Macromelt Moulding processing equipment
The OptiMel 100 hand-gun, has been designed for prototype or low volume manufacturing.

The handling of the hand gun is safe and simple. The OM100 system comprises of a temperature controller and air pressure regulator. The processing temperature is adjustable up to 250°C. This range is ideal for processing of all Macromelt® materials.

Complementary accessories make a station system out of the OptiMel 100. The maximum processing temperature of
250°C allows the processing of all macromelt products.

Sample production may be simply and safely performed through the
OptiMel 100. Even larger shaped parts can be produced fast and problem-free. The hand gun is of easy and safe operation.

 optimel_100_air.jpg  optimel_100_temp.jpg
>> Tool technology

The melting tank is integrated into the hand gun. Different nozzle geometry allows the
OptiMel 100 to be used in a broad variety of applications.

The Optimel 100 contains: 

Hand gun with melting tank, 200 ml capacity
electronic temperature control
Pressure control

  Download some sample footage of the OM 100
quicktime_avi_icon.jpgOM100.avi (6.06MB)


Optimel 100



Working Temperature

Max. 250ºC

Air Pressure

0,55 MPa / 5,0 bar

Injection Pressure

0,15 - 0,55 MPa / 1,5 - 5,5 bar

Power Supply

230 V / 50 Hz


350 W

Tank Volume

200 ccm

Workstation Weight

10 kg

Workstation Dimensions

W 700 mm

H 200 mm

D 380 mm

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