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OPTIMEL 2000 - High Volume

Macromelt Moulding processing equipment for mass production
The OptiMel 2000 machine has been developed for the manufacturing of highly precise overmouldings. The OptiMel 2000 integrates an automatic process control and is a one operator workstation. It is also possible to  integrate the OptiMel 2000 into fully automatic production lines. The OptiMel 2000 machine combines  high level repeatable process control in an operator-friendly workstation. Partially integrated extras can further increase the productivity and consistancy of the OptiMel 2000.
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Tool technology

Tarapath designs and develops custom made moulds suited to the Macromelt® Moulding process and equipment. The tool outer dimensions are the same for all the OptiMel moulding machines making them interchangeable between machines.
The Optimel 2000 package contains:
Single station with pneumatic operating tool clamping system
Touch Panel
Automatic process control
- Moulding pressure profile control
- Tool ejectors control
Available options

- Tool temperature control
- Pressure monitoring
- Automatic tank filling

 Download some sample footage of the OM 2000

quicktime_avi_icon.jpgOM2000.avi (9.3MB)

OM-2000 sml

Optimel 2000



Air Pressure

0,6 MPa / 6,0 bar

Injection Pressure

0 - 0,4 MPa / 0 - 4 bar

Tool Clamping Force  470 N / 480 kg

Power Supply

3 /N / PE AC 400 V /50 Hz

Power Consumption

500 W


280 kg

Workstation Dimensions

W 725 mm

H 1650 mm

D 820 mm

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