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KAPPA 2000 - Horizontal Injection Dual Station Separate Tank Type

The Kappa 2000 is horizontal injection machine which is the dual station version of the Kappa 1000. The two independent, side by side stations can be operated by one or two operators giving ultimate flexibility.

The dual stations can be fed with either one or two separate tanks, again, offering great flexibility for a dynamic production situation.

Safety is not compromised with light curtains and dual palm buttons as standard. An ejection system is also included. Should you have high volume, and high variation the Kappa 200 could be the perfect answer.

  • Horizontal injection system.
  • Dual independent work stations.
  • Separate high volume melt tank.
  • 5.7" Touch screen operator interface with multi-language PLC.
  • Five thermal control zones for precise melt control.
  • Four post die set for larger parts.
  • Mechanical ejection system and control for pneumatic ejection.
  • Two tanks are optional.
  • Equipped with light curtain and dual palm buttons for operator safety.Ejection system is equipped.

KAPPA 2000



Machine Size mm (Kgs)

1300x950x1640 (540Kgs)

WorkStation Height (mm)


Plant View (mm)


Packing Size mm (Kgs)

1370x1010x1750 (580Kgs)

Melting Tank Model &Q'ty*

LPMS500B(5Liter)x1 or 2

Gun Model & Tip Angle

LPMS-G10x2(36.4° or 90°)

Heated Hose Model & Q'ty**



200-240VAC/1Phase/50 or 60Hz

Temperature Control Zones


Temperature Range

Ambient up to 230°C

Max. Power (Kw)


Min. Air Pressure (MPA)


Air Consumption

0.18m3/m in

Clamping Device


Clamping Force

Max. 1.2 Tons

Clamping Stroke (mm)


Control System


LPMS Standard Mold Set Size (mm)

230x120x150 (25Kgs)

Max. Mold Set Size (mm)


Max. Part Size (mm)


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