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LPMS ALPHA 100J – Flexible Hose Handgun Machine

The LPMS Alpha 100J combines the LPMS500A1 5L melt reservoir with the 100J handgun, resulting in a moulding solution with great flexibility.

The Alpha 100J is perfect for situations where high volume / high mix manufacturing is the norm. It enables the operator to produce varied parts concurrently. This versatility can be particularly useful for harnesses and looms where different terminations and connectors need to be moulded at the one time.

The 100J has temperature and pressure control and is activated with the handgun lever. There is the option of further automation of this system. Enquire to find out more.

lpms100j 0  lpms100j 1




Machine Size / Weight

375mm x 610mm x 1050mm /63 kgs

Gun Weight

0.97 kgs

Plant View

About 400mm x 1760mm

Packing Size / Weight

900mm x 600mm x 1200mm / 90 kgs

Melting Tank Model & Q'ty

500A-5L 5

Gun Model & Tip

100J / 36.4° x1

Heated Hose Model & Q'ty

TS-G-B16 x1


200-240VAC / 1 Phase / 50 or 60 Hz

Temperature Control Zones


Temperature Range

Ambient up to 230℃

Max. Power

4.5 Kw

Min. Air Pressure


Clamping Device


Clamping Force


Clamping Stroke


Control System


Mold Set Size

100mm x 80mm x 60mm

Max. Mold Set Size

Depends on part design

Max. Part Size

Depends on part design

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