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OPTIMEL 760 - High Volume

OM 760 12H

The OM 760 provides easy working due to the pneumatic cylinder and two-hand control. The minimizing or, ideally, elimination of the handling time by the integrated sliding table can significantly increase the quantity discharged, in particular for small components of low shot weights.

- max. melting capacity of approx. 1 kg/h for small to medium shot weights and/or small to medium annual quantity

- Retaining force 12kN for components with a maximum overall casting area of approx. 3000mm² (at maximum pressure of 40bar)

  • Pneumatic closing system
  • Two-hand control
  • Melting unit with piston pump
  • Siemens S7-1200 incl.
    • Touchpanel
    • Recipe storage
  • Manual sliding table


  • Vertical injection
  • Double injection heads with variable nozzle distances

Optimel 760


Operating Temperature

Max. 250°C

Melt Pressure

0.5-4.0 MPa / 5-40 bar

Closing Force

12 kN

Power connection

230V / 50Hz

Power Consumption

2.5 kW

Tank capacity


Melting Capacity

Approx. 1kg/h


W 1055mm
H 796mm
D 790mm

Additional Options

Tool tempering

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