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Product Examples

Technomelt/Macromelt Electronics Encapsulation and Cable Moulding Markets and Applications

Macromelt hotmelt adhesive products extend across an enourmous variety of applications catering for a diverse array of industry sectors. Some of these applications include:

Technomelt/Macromelt Applications

•  Automotive connectors
•  Industrial connectors
•  Printed-board assembly
•  Sensors
•  Microswitches
•  ECU
•  Coils
•  Relays
•  Transformers
•  Cable bundles
•  Cable breakthrough
•  Electrical wire harne

Technomelt/Macromelt Markets

• Markets
• Automotive industry
• White goods
• Mechanical engineering
• Electrotechnical engineering
• Industrial Equipment
• Air conditioning
• Building industry

 electronics encapsulated
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 cable moulding
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With Macromelt, permanent bonding between two substrates can be achieved. In addition, it is suitable for overmoulding parts. In some cases this enables the elimination of plastic parts such as back shells, connector covers or grommets used with connectors, making the process highly economical.  Read more about the PROCESS!