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Services offered

Technical Consultation – Tarapath’s years of experience in the field of low pressure moulding, enable them to offer expert advice on all aspects of the process, from product feasibility and specific application issues, through to material and equipment selection. Whether your project is big or small, Tarapath have the know-how to advise you on the right path.

Design Engineering – 3D CAD part design and modelling are part of Tarapath’s in-house capabilities. Be it early in the design process for a new product, or to enable an existing product to be improved upon, the design team can develop solutions that ensure successful outcomes, utilising up to date technology and programs.

Tool Design and manufacture – Both prototype and production tooling can be created as part of the full service. Depending on the scale of your project, Tarapath are able to produce tooling suitable, in terms of capability and economy. Small prototype tools for proving concepts, through to full production tooling are all part of what Tarapath can produce.

Equipment Sales & Service – Tarapath offer LPMS, Cavist and Optimel machinery suitable for your requirements. We can provide machinery, from low volume manual equipment, through to large scale mass production equipment. Further to providing the machines themselves, spare parts and servicing all make up Tarapath’s commitment to your LPM success.

Process Training – Our experience with the low pressure moulding process, equipment and materials enables us to provide training to both small and large groups. From introductory training into the process itself, or specific training for particular machines and tooling, professional training is offered at all levels.

Material Supply – The suite of Technomelt/Macromelt moulding materials can be procured through Tarapath. Additional services such as material colouring can also be achieved. Whether you require a couple of kilos, or a couple of hundred, Tarapath is the place to go.

Contract Moulding – Should you be looking for someone else to do your moulding for you, Tarapath can satisfy your requirements. From short runs, through to hundreds of thousands of pieces we have the capabilities to get your moulding done on time, every time. With low and high volume equipment at our facilities, having Tarapath take care of production could be your best solution.

Turnkey Solutions – Tarapath have the ability to take care of your entire project. With local and offshore partners a full working solution can be delivered. This can be production equipment with fully operational tooling ready to be produced in your facility with the touch of a button, or, we can even take care of PCB manufacturing, additional plastics, coupled with low pressure moulding to deliver a complete product. Let Tarapath do the hard work for you.