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B3002TW front
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The Beta 300 is a high-volume production capable machine that comes in a compact package, which can be inserted into any production line. The integrated 7L Melt-on-Demand tank, and advanced safety features makes it perfect for local manufacturing. It has been designed with cable assembly companies in mind, with a work area allowing for maximum flexibility.

This is the best-selling machine in the Australian and New Zealand regions for low pressure moulding. 



Operating temperature Ambient up to 250°C

Melting Tank Melt on demand 7L x 1

Clamping force 2T

Electrical connection 200~240VAC / 1 Phase / 50Hz

Power input 5 kW

Min air pressure 0.5 MPa / 73 Psi

Footprint 1200mm x 950mm

Mould set size 180mm x 100mm x 150mm / 16kg

Max Mould Set Size 250mm x 120mm x 150mm