kappa 700h
kappa 700h




The Kappa 700H is perfect for high volume production. With increased clamping force and shuttle table, this machine can lead to increased throughput of up to an additional 60% over that of a single station machine.

The advantage is the operator can load and unload parts while the injection cycle is occurring, so there is no idle time.



Operating temperature Ambient up to 250°C

Melting Tank Melt on demand 7L x 1

Clamping force 5T (Optional 10T)

Electrical connection 200~240VAC / 1 Phase / 50Hz

Power input 4.3 kW

Min air pressure 0.5 MPa / 73 Psi

Footprint 1380mm x 1190mm

Mould set size 180mm x 100mm x 150mm / 16kg

Max Mould Set Size 250mm x 230mm x 150mm