kappa 1000
kappa 1000

KAPPA 1000



The Kappa 1000 is a high-volume production machine. The separate tank gives greater flexibility allowing multiple tanks to be used with the same machine, enabling quick changeover of materials, meaning different colours can be used easily.

This flexibility means that tanks can be interchanged between different equipment types also. This can be useful in a dynamic production facility.



Operating temperature Ambient up to 250°C

Melting Tank Melt on demand 7L x 1

Clamping force 1.2T

Electrical connection 200~240VAC / 1 Phase / 50 or 60Hz

Power input 4.5kW

Min air pressure 0.5 MPa / 73 Psi

Footprint 970mm x 1700mm

Mould set size 230mm x 120mm x 150mm / 25kg

Max Mould Set Size 300mm x 200mm x 150mm